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Three Key Thinking Skills Every Child Needs To Succeed 
In School And  Life

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Why your child needs to know and apply the core THINKING concepts for this course. 

Positive Thinking

  • Better Mental Health
  • Improved Academic Success
  • ​Improved Self-Esteem

Critical Thinking

  • Improved Communications
  • ​Better Decision Making
  • ​Improved Problem Solving

Creative Thinking

  • Better Self Expression
  • ​Develop New Outlooks
  • ​More Engaged and Excited

Leads to...

Real life advantage

  • ​Better School Life
  • ​More Career Success
  • ​Better Relationships

Three important reasons to get started TODAY!

Studies show children who apply the correct thinking skills have higher self esteem 

The Children's Thinking Course will help your child gain the necessary thinking skills to create an advantage in school and throughout the rest of their life. 

1. Higher school grades

Studies have shown that children who are better thinkers receive higher school grades. They are more engaged and have a better overall comprehension of the concepts they are learning.

2. Gives a confidence lift

Knowing oneself (themselves) better is one of the concepts your child will gain from this course. With this knowledge, your child will have the tools to create a more positive personal outlook.

3. Reduce stress for your child

As adults, we are led to believe that stress is primarily an adult issue. Stress is very much a part of a child's life and can undoubtedly influence their mental health, which is a large part of their personal development. Tools and concepts in this course help your child "think" through stressful situations.

Explore The Children's Thinking Course

Everything your child needs to become a Better Thinker!

We recommend that you proceed through the lessons at a rate that would require a 10-Week Journey
(Approximately 3 lessons per week.)
You and your child may choose to take a bit more time or finish the journey a little faster!

Here's what is included in your child's "Course Launch Kit"

Engaging Action Guide
Digital Edition

The entire course is conveniently online. Our membership site is easy to navigate and you will find everything you need for each lesson on one page.  You and your child can access the member's only area from a personal computer, iPad, or tablet. 

Each lesson has been created as a downloadable PDF you can save on your computer or print for your child to work with. 

The Complete Children's Thinking Course Curriculum 

  • Getting to know the course
  • ​1. Introduction

Positive Thinking

  • ​2. Working with the brain
  • ​3. Six tools for successful thinking
  • ​4. Spot the good thinkers
  • ​5. How do you ask people
  • ​6. Spot the positive thinkers
  • ​7. Trickster words
  • ​8. Self-Appreciation
  • ​9. Look at my success
  • ​10. My superpower skill!
  • ​11. My positive brain

Critical and Logical Thinking

  • ​12. I can set my own goals
  • ​13. Knowing your own goals
  • ​14. Sticky thinkers
  • ​15. Think of consequences
  • ​16. Other points of view
  • ​17. Planning organiser
  • ​18. Planning life goals
  • 19. Planning personal goals
  • ​20. Planning school goals
  • 21. Spy on your thinking
  • ​22. What do you think
  • ​23. Be your own captain
  • ​24. My logical brain

Creative Thinking

  • ​24. My logical brain
  • ​25. Who is a creative thinker
  • ​26. Flex your creative brain
  • 27. We wonder, wonder, & wonder​
  • ​28. We laugh, laugh, and laugh
  • ​29. Can you imagine
  • ​30. Be a top creative thinker
  • ​31. My creative brain

Facebook Community
Member's Only Club

As a member of The Children's Thinking Course, you and your child will have access to the MEMBER'S ONLY Club. The Club is a perfect place to build connections with like-minded people, learn how others are employing the lessons, and get support and encouragement.

Instructor Guide
Digital Edition 

This is the perfect companion guide to the "Action Guide". The Creative Team specifically designed this Instructor Guide to provide you with insight and tips for each lesson.

Before beginning a lesson with your child, have a quick read through the corresponding Instructor Guide information to better prepare for teaching the lesson.

Learn more about the instructor guide below

You can confidently get started on your child's Thinking journey TODAY!

The Creative Team prepared the Instructor Guide with you in mind!

  There are instructions for each corresponding lesson

  Each set of instructions contains the following:

  • Objective: This section will explain why this lesson has been created.
  • Learning Points:  Explains the general learning that will occur during the lesson.
  • Method (How):  This section will explain any specific methods or techniques you will employ to help achieve the desired outcome(s).
  • Built On: This section (when applicable) will link this lesson to a previous lesson providing an additional layer of content, by recalling it.
  • ​​​Desired outcomes (Why):  Describes the desired outcome(s).
  • ​Observations: This section is where you document both you and your child's experience during this lesson.
  • ​Actual Outcomes: This section is where you will document the actual outcomes from the lesson.
  • ​Modifications: This section is where you will document any tips or tricks you used (outside of the methods provided) to achieve the outcomes listed above.

 Bonus Video Series

Prepared by The Creative Team for each lesson 

  • Current: Each video has the most up-to-date information regarding the lesson you are about to help your child learn.
  • Video Learner: If you are someone who learns well from video, this is for you!
  • Most comprehensive: Where the Instructor Guide is concise, the videos provide you with more in-depth information.
  • Creative Team notes: The creative team members are the presenters on these videos. They provide insight to help you grasp the concepts and desired outcomes.

What others say about this course

Learning with your child creates a lasting bond 

"Some much more..."

"We purchased this course to help Zoey get better grades in school. It did this and much more. She has so much more confidence in herself and a newfound excitement about school."

Cyndi G.S.

Verified Buyer

"Great family time"

"At twelve years old I didn't think my son would be into this, I was so wrong. Together we crushed the course and had some great family time along the way." 

Jordan T. 

Pilot Test Family

"Awesome tools!"

"This course is full of awesome tools that are just not in our curriculum. Every parent should give their child the opportunity to go through this entire course." 

Anita K. 


"School is so much fun..."

"I was so surprised and happy to hear my child say "Daddy, school is so much fun now, I really get it!"

Muneeb S.

Verified Buyer

"Made a big difference"

"As you know our child has learning issues, we weren't sure she was going to respond to the course. Well...he did great and it has really helped him in a big way."

Danny and Will

 Pilot Test Family

"Moved him up a level"

"Justin was falling behind and the teacher was suggesting holding him back, after he finished the course the teacher changed her tune."

Jenna P.

Verified Buyer

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Children equipped with the correct thinking skills achieve more! 

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